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Davidoff Accessoires

Davidoff Accessories Collection – Swiss Design Firm Atelier Oi

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Caring passionately for cigars, Davidoff revamps its accessories collection with flair in collaboration with Swiss Design firm Atelier Oi

Davidoff, known for crafting the finest cigars and accessories, has revamped its accessories line through a cigar-inspired design developed in collaboration with Swiss architecture and design agency Atelier Oï.

Based in La Neuveville – Switzerland, Atelier Oï has been striving to create a new transdisciplinary design genre and skills to play with materials, shapes and functions.

The intimate relationship between cigar accessories, cigar enjoyment and cigar rituals was the topic of Davidoff’s first conversation with Atelier Oï. Intrigued by Davidoff’s cigar crop to shop philosophy, unique craftsmanship and the asymetry of the tobacco leaf, the design team focused on creating a new organic pattern and contemporary style across the full line. The result is a collection of redesigned accessories with flair and individuality that fills time beautifully throughout the cigar ritual and enhances the aficionado’s cigar enjoyment.

The roll out of this new design across the accessory range, is true to Davidoff’s values of craftsmanship and timelessness with a contemporary touch of elegance.

“Anything that touches on the enjoyment of cigars is important to us at Davidoff. Our cigars pass through as many as three hundred pairs of expert hands in the painstaking process of crafting them.

Once they are in the aficionado’s hand, their quality and the enjoyment of the cigar is our concern.

That is why we believe that the quality of the design, elegance and technical know-how behind our accessories makes a difference. In this way, every moment of this all-important cigar ritual can be beautifully filled,” explains Charles Awad, Senior Vice President Global Marketing & Innovation at Oettinger Davidoff AG.

The Davidoff Line

Humidor – In the best of condition, in the best of company, the ritual begins The humidors come in two different finishes: lacquered Macassar with a brilliant finish of 15 layers of lacquer for a deep, rich mirror effect and Sycamore Maple with a bright, natural, silky veneer for a warm, contemporary interior.

The Ambassador

With a capacity for between 70 and 90 cigars, the sleek, linear Ambassador is created for cigar aficionados with a large assortment. It comes with a dramatic, stylish cut that slices through to reveal a creamy, beige frame. The loft interior contains the removable tray with its beautiful leaf pattern, and dividers for arranging the cigars.

Capacity: 70 – 90 cigars
Features: 1 Davidoff Slim regulator
Dimensions: 38.3 x 24 x 14.3 cm  1 removable basket

The Primos

With a capacity for 25 to 35 cigars, the smaller Primos is perfect for building a first collection or as a second, compact humidor, ideal for the office or anywhere, to ensure your favourite cigars are always in the best condition. It comes with a slightly curved lid that conveys a notion of asymmetry, echoing the range’s leaf design.

Capacity: 25 – 35 cigars
Features: 1 Davidoff Slim Regulator
Dimensions: 27.9 x 23.9 x 10.8 cm

Entirely handmade in France, both humidors are finished with the discreet, elegant Davidoff signature on the outside and contain the Davidoff Slim Regulator, in a new look, contemporary matte nickel finish. Davidoff experimented with several regulators available on the market. After scientifically testing various humidity devices in comparable situations, only Davidoff regulators maintain a relative humidity level of 70% to 72% in a stable manner. These regulators are designed and made by Swiss engineers with a 2-way humidity system, to give off or absorb humidity in order to guarantee the same humidity level, so that the humidor’s owner has the peace of mind the cigars deserve.

The interiors of the humidors have been crafted from okoumé, a wood from Gabon, on Africa’s west coast. Okoumé is odourless and tasteless, so that no flavor is transferred to the cigars, and it is handvarnished to seal in the humidity and prevent it being absorbed by the wood.

The Lighters

Prestige Lighters ― The ritual is passion. And this is the fire Nothing is more emotive in the aficionado’s cigar ritual than the moment the flame appears. When the heat meets the craftsmanship and the flavours that have been so expertly wrapped inside the cigar is finally set alight. The quality and control of that flame are therefore central to the unforgettable enjoyment of a cigar. Lighting cigars should be done efficiently but with style. Davidoff lighters, in either a rose gold or palladium finish, ensure that the flame is constant and controllable while being unequivocally elegant.

Crafted in France by legendary manufacturer S.T. Dupont, the lighters are made from a single piece of brass (no plastic tank inside), which provides a larger gas tank (to light up to 75 cigars) and avoids gas leaks. Two opposing gas streams ensure that the unique, fan-shaped flame remains even. The distinctive cut edges, like the overall design, are inspired by tobacco leaves and the lids of both lighters are embellished with the Davidoff logo.

Dimensions: 6 x 3.7 x 1.1 cm

The Ashtrays

Porcelain Ashtrays

Guaranteeing that Davidoff’s ashtrays are crafted in the tradition of the best French porcelain, these beautiful, precious ashtrays are made in Limoges, by a company with the prestigious ‘Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant’ label. The ashtrays have a large, draughtproof ash holder. Made in pure platinum, applied by hand, the pattern is again inspired by tobacco leaves.

Dimensions: 16 x 16 x 4.5 cm

Launch and Availability

The revamped Davidoff accessory range will be available to cigar aficionados at selected Davidoff Flagship Stores and Appointed Merchants/Depositaires in Europe starting in September 2016, and in the US and Asia in October 2016.

Under #MYRITUAL aficionados can share, experience and discover Davidoff’s news in the accessories arena and learn how to deepen the enjoyment and enhance the rituals associated with cigars.

About Atelier OÏ

Founded in La Neuveville, Switzerland, in 1991 by Aurel Aebi, Armand Louis and Patrick Reymond, Atelier Oï has been striving to dissolve barriers between genres and foster cross-disciplinary creativity for 25 years. Over the course of their achievements, architecture, design and set design have intertwined on an international scale. Multidisciplinary, team spirit and an intimate rapport with the material are their watchwords.

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