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Davidoff Exclusive Ultimate Cigars

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Davidoff Cigars is expanding the company’s successful Exclusives programme with unique, tailor-made 2017 Exclusvie Editions for key Davidoff retail partners in the US

The Davidoff Exclusive cigars that comprise these various Editions are as unique and distinctive as a city or a skyline. Blended to match the palates of those who may have the opportunity to enjoy them, they will be available in limited quantities.

Davidoff is known for the fine craftsmanship and deep expertise in handmade premium cigars. With these bespoke Exclusive Editions, each beautifully portraying in silhouette style a city’s or country’s landmark, Davidoff Cigars is taking service and experience to a higher and more personal level.

“To celebrate the successful partnerships between Davidoff of Geneva USA and its key retailers, these Exclusive Editions feature unique blends that have been created in close collaboration with Davidoff of Geneva USA. They will be limited in quantities and delight those aficionados who seek to fill their time beautifully with the very finest cigars – whether around a good conversation with friends, in moments of celebrations or simply taking some time for oneself to relax. They are also a perfect gift for aficionados to be brought back from one’s travels,” says Charles Awad, SVP – Chief Marketing Officer at Oettinger Davidoff AG.

The Davidoff Exclusives Editions 2017coming in the USA: Davidoff Exclusive Ultimate Cigars

Davidoff Exclusives Editions 2017
Davidoff Exclusives Editions 2017
  • Davidoff Exclusive Havanna Connections
  • Davidoff Exclusive Ambassador Fine Cigars
  • Davidoff Exclusive Maxamar
  • Davidoff Exclusive Briar Shopper
  • Davidoff Exclusive Famous Smoke Shop
  • Davidoff Exclusive Tampa
  • Davidoff Exclusive Madison
  • Davidoff Exclusive 6th Avenue
  • Davidoff Exclusive Buckhead
  • Davidoff Exclusive Houston
  • Davidoff Exclusive Brookfield
  • Davidoff Exclusive Las Vegas

The Davidoff Exclusive Editions cigars have a beautiful shiny and oily wrapper with a deep brown colour. While enjoying the cigars, the palate is delighted with notes of pepper, dark coffee, old leather, wood and spices with a creamy and nutty aftertaste followed by a rich aroma.

Blend Information:

  • Wrapper: Ecuador “Habano”
  • Binder: Mexican Negro San Andrés
  • Filler: Dominican / Nicaragua
  • Format: Toro
  • Size: 6 x 50

Each Davidoff retail partner in the US chose their blends based on their local customers taste preference. The complexity of the blend is translated in heady flavours and aromas rather than strength with the goal of ensuring that every aficionado enjoy these Davidoff Exclusive Editions. The cigars are distinctive, but maintain the expected refinement and elegance of Davidoff cigars, while pushing particular palate stimulations further than the core Davidoff offerings do.

About Davidoff Exclusive Flagship Store Editions

These elegant, bespoke Exclusive Editions will be available for customers of Davidoff Flagship Stores in the USA. Store managers have chosen their own blend according to their local customers’ taste preferences as well as a customised second ring. Each cigar box will feature a store identifier along with the skyline that is home to the Flagship Store. These editions will be very limited and an exciting proposition for cigar collectors.

Launch and availability

These Davidoff Exclusive Editions 2017 boxes are already in the US market and are available in limited quantities for wider release at the following selected Appointed Merchants/ Davidoff Flagship Stores from January 2017 on:

Davidoff Exclusive Ultimate Cigars (only available at Ultimate Cigars in Fort Lauderdale, FL) Davidoff Exclusive Havanna Connections (only available at Havana Connections in Richmond, VA) Davidoff Exclusive Ambassador Fine Cigars (only available at Ambassador Fine Cigars in Arizona) Davidoff Exclusive Maxamar (only available at Maxamar Ultimate Cigars in Orange, CA) Davidoff Exclusive Briar Shoppe (only available at The Briar Shoppe in Houston, TX) Davidoff Exclusive Famous Smoke Shop (only available at Famous Smoke Shop in Easton, PA) Davidoff Exclusive Tampa (only available at the Davidoff Flagship Store in Tampa) Davidoff Exclusive Madison (only available at the Davidoff Flagship Stores in New York) Davidoff Exclusive 6th Avenue (only available at the Davidoff Flagship Stores in New York) Davidoff Exclusive Buckhead (only available at the Davidoff Flagship Store in Buckhead, Atlanta) Davidoff Exclusive Houston (only available at the Davidoff Flagship Store in Houston, Texas) Davidoff Exclusive Brookfield (only available at the Davidoff Flagship Stores in New York) Davidoff Exclusive Las Vegas (only available at the Davidoff Flagship Store in Las Vegas) MSRP: $ 22.00 USD per box of ten cigars (Price will vary within Davidoff Flagship Stores due to tobacco tax)

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